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Paper Proposal

Paper Proposal - Scott Lee MCWP 50 Van Ness 27 April 2008 V...

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Scott Lee MCWP 50 Van Ness 27 April 2008 V for Virulence After reading V for Vendetta, it is clear that author Alan Moore has left it up to the reader to figure out whether the main character V is a terrorist or not. The graphic novel does not provide a clear answer to this issue, but that is where this document will step in and answer the question of how Moore depicts V as a terrorist and violence used against the government. The proposed review will discuss the main reasons as to why one should lean toward believing that V is a terrorist by providing examples found within the novel as well as other sources that explain the role violence plays throughout the comic. By the end of all my research I will have a clear answer to V’s standing as a terrorist and whether or not his actions are justified. Included in this proposal are my review of sources, methods for gathering information, and conclusion. This project addresses three main issues: the depiction of terrorism in V, how violence against the government is portrayed, and if violence is justified in this novel. Since the attacks that occurred on September 11 th , 2000 the term terrorist has been thrown around. The fact is that the majority of people living in our society today do not know what it means to be a terrorist or why a terrorist does what he/she does. The reasons behind an attack can be very meaningful and there is a much greater picture for any attack under terrorism. Therefore labeling V as terrorist can be wrong, but my mission is to present all examples found within the novel that make it clear he actually is a terrorist. Moore’s depiction of violence against the government is also something I would like to elaborate on. Instead of using verbal communication and protest, he utilizes violence through V in order to send a message to the government. By using my primary and secondary sources, I plan on incorporating past and present examples of when violence was used to get a message across. Lastly, V uses violence throughout the novel, but his acts of terrorism are justified. This paper will explain why his acts are justified even though so many people are killed by his actions.
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