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Assignment 2: Unit 5369 Exercise prescription Duration : 3 – 5 hours Name: Student ID#: Date: Implement and evaluate an exercise programme. 1. Carry out the programme for at least 3 weeks, then answer the following questions: a) Do you believe the programme is having a positive effect? Are goals being achieved (or will they be achieved by the end of the programme)? Elaborate: b) What modifications will you make to enhance the effectiveness of the programme in the near future (i.e, next 4 week block)? List at least 3 changes you will make
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Unformatted text preview: and explain why: 2. Consider the following scenario: One week into the programme you sustain an ankle injury while running across the street. Although not a serious injury, your physiotherapist recommends non-impact exercise for a week, then a gradual return to full training. What modifications will you make to the training programme to ensure the injury is not aggravated, yet important components of fitness are still targeted? List changes and explain why:...
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