Biomaterial - Biomaterial “Biomaterials” is any obvious...

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Unformatted text preview: Biomaterial “Biomaterials” is any obvious example of an article from a scientific journal. It is hard to critically analyze the structure of the graphics and other elements because it has been reprinted, but for the sake of simplicity I will assume that the reprinted version is formatted and printed how the author intended. As a whole, the graphics are very ineffective and are organized very poorly, but there are exceptions to this generality. The first graphic and caption clearly describes the importance of the picture to the article. It gives the reader an idea of who and what the article will be discussing. It is effective for its purpose, but the reader would not be missing much if it were omitted. The second graphic has no caption explaining its importance, and the graphic itself is nearly entirely illegible. It is incorporated well into the article, but its purpose and nearly entirely illegible....
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Biomaterial - Biomaterial “Biomaterials” is any obvious...

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