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Ch 1a Supplemental Materials Significant Figures Guidelines Page 1 of 2 Introduction The significant figures convention follows the assumption that there is unit uncertainty in the last digit of a measurement. The purpose of keeping track of significant figures is to avoid artificially overstating the precision of a result. The precision of an experiment can not be increased by mathematical manipulation! The Cardinal Rule for Significant Figures in Ch1a Make sure to follow the guidelines given on the first homework set. These rules will hold for all homework sets in this course and may differ from those you find in other sources. Additional Guidance There is a brief chapter on significant figures in OGN (Appendix 3). It is usually a good practice to apply the significant figure guidelines at the end of a calculation, when you are reporting your final result. Sums and Differences : The number of decimal places in the number with the smallest number of decimal places is the number of decimal places appearing in
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SignificantFiguresGuidelines - Ch 1a Significant Figures...

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