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1. Pushing Daisies Up to the writer to keep it going because of a constant need to push shows (New episode every 8 days) Movie shooting schedule has more time to craft Writer is a constant and director is always changing on TV Didn’t want to make it stand-alone episodes (network) but Pushing Daisies got their way 2.Narration important: exposition important, narration a character in itself, can explain a lot without having to do it visually, difficult to write but the exposition helps 3. ABC got it though two networks had a bidding war over P.D., wanted ABC because of Desp. Housewives , Lost , and Ugly Betty , all different shows, producers sold it well, ABC supported it well with a great ad campaign, Brian Fuller pitched it after the series Dead Like Me and pitched it as a romance, comedy Not to a cable network because he wanted a wider audience, didn’t feel it was salacious (sexy, inappropriate) enough 4. Gossip Girl: criticism about the show because of raciness and teen sex; along with the network and too much: drinking, drugs, though true to kids from New York; people don’t believe such racy things go on during high school and it does at upscale prep schools and it was how it was; understanding that it needed to be in the show. Schwartz: best way to consequences is to have an honest dialogue- doesn’t show it as glamorous or “the cool thing to do,” puts it out there in a way that’s realistic, doesn’t say it’s bad either. 5. “Trojan Horse” idea: money, escapism of money and how the rich appeal to the masses, the medium by which he attracts the viewers and it’s the wealthiness and the escapism, his way into the households. What about CHUCK?→ flashy and something the everyday person would never have, dorky guy and a middle class family that they could relate to 6. Mad Men creator premiered in the summer because of the summer lack of other shows, wouldn’t be able to stand up to the other shows Commercial limitations because of its PC incorrectness, couldn’t compete, anti-Semitism, written for paid TV, aired AMC, 7. Why set it in an ad agency? Entertaining subject & wanted a show with high stake job and successful people, conflicting personality and success that comes with work, so the
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Midterm_Study_Guide - 1.Pushing Daisies Up to the writer to...

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