econ483stata - Introduction to STATA1 Let's open STATA....

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Introduction to STATA 1 Let’s open STATA. There are four windows in STATA 1. STATA Command Window – type commands 2. STATA Results Window – output is displayed 3. Review Window – tracks all commands in the current STATA session 4. Variables Window – list all variables in the working data set To view your working directory, type pwd on the command line. To view files in the directory, type dir To change working directories (e.g. to change to the c:\newdir directory), type cd c:\newdir STATA file types: .dta STATA data set .do STATA do file 1 This note is based on the excellent course material of Denise Duffy and Dan Levy. (IPR/JCPR’s Introduction to Statistical Software, June 24, 2002)
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To read in the STATA data set (the extension is .dta), type use capm If the data set isn’t in the current directory, type use g:\data\capm You can either save a STATA data set as a new file, or overwrite the existing file. To save the data set at a new file, type: save newfile save g:\data\newfile To overwrite the existing file, you must use the replace option: save oldfile, replace STATA can handle one data set at a time in memory. If
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econ483stata - Introduction to STATA1 Let's open STATA....

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