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Unformatted text preview: Syllabus Quantitative Methods for Business Math 1303 Prof. Marco T. Morazn Contact Information : Office: SC-121 Email: Office Hours : M, W 1:00 2:00 pm or by appointment. TEXT: Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business . . . , by Haeussler and Paul 12th edition PREREQUISITE: A passing grade in Math 1014 or the appropriate placement. Exams and Grading : Quizzes 10% First Exam 25% Second Exam 25% Comprehensive Final 40% Failing any two of the above components will earn you an F for the course regardless of your overall average. Homework and Class Participation : During lectures you will be given lists of homework problems. Every student is expected to solve the homework problems before the next lecture and to bring questions to class. Homework will not be collected. It is important that you complete the homework assigned in a timely fashion in order to fully participate in class discussions. At the beginning of each lecture, I will answer questions about the homework problems. questions about the homework problems....
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