classic myth second semester

classic myth second semester - 03.07 Psychoanalysis and...

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Unformatted text preview: 03.07 Psychoanalysis and Myths Sigmund Freud d. 1930 “climate of opinion”- transform the way people thought Unconscious of mind that is doing the thinking without awareness- inner conflict. Has its own motive Not a different person but seems to be Psychological packets- different patterns that people seem to experience. Sexual motivation- greater extent of our life Mental Disorders Not bodily illness but a psychic illness as conflict between Recovering of the unconscious If not done= conflict Behavior Childhood- discovery of what is liked and disliked Personality is conditioned Oedipus Complex? Pleasure- Infantile- sucking Dream Analysis Reflection of people unconscious mind Suppression= dreams, and not messages of gods but messages within- Advertising plays on the unconscious mind, media as mass brainwashing Artist Expression Myths- as symbols of human impulses Allow expression of unconscious gives the storyteller a emotional contentment- give the story a energy. Societal response to psychological needs- undesired behavior remains suppressed. Ego- “I“- conscious SuperEgo-conscious/ internalize the rules of society and controls the choices-”over I” Id- “it”- raw impulses/ subconscious Emmu Elish SuperEgo- the gods Ego/Id- Marduk? Carl Jung d. 1861 Collective unconscious- shared by all human beings and inherited Archetypes- a original model for a figure or idea or complex in the unconscious mind The trickster, the great mother- produces monster, Superman, old wise man- shows up across cultures _____________- Brings unconscious material into reality-Hermes (Greek) Thoth (Egyptian) Joseph Campbell d. 1997 Scholar of Mythology- Read in Upstate New York for 9 hours a day Mass of Gods? Monomyth- a archetype for a story Natural science of comparative mythology Mythology expresses some sort of deeply rooted human emotions? Mythology is inherent. Biological Because of human cycle- predictable stages of human lives Programmed knowledge Chicken Hawks- Chicken have innate knowledge to run from the symbol of the chicken hawk Sea Turtles goes toward water Grayling moth- prefer the darkest moth Humans seems to lose this but are programmed to these Supernatural Sign Stimuli which arouse us in a different way then in a natural way(?)- myths What are we really expresses? Why are we so moved by theses stories? Reason it affect us in this way is human being and to share the structure Some myths makes more sense then others Tragedy Agamemnon Atraeus and descendent of _______________ Because of his descendent- curse to their family Slaughter his son and served him as dinner to the gods The water and fruit will withdraw for him: infinite hunger and thirst -Tantalize Forbids human sacrifice Atraeus is married to _____ Theastis, father of Ortestis, brother of Atraeus Affair to _____ Atraues kidnaps and slaughters his sons and serve them for dinner Revenge of Thastis son on Agamenon Cassandra sees the curse of the house- eating of children flesh, bodies everywhere...
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classic myth second semester - 03.07 Psychoanalysis and...

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