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Chemistry 140C (Finn) – Spring 2008 – Quiz 2 This quiz is for extra credit , worth a maximum of 5% of your overall grade. Name: KEY ID#: _____________ 1. (20 points) Write a detailed, arrow-pushing mechanism for the following reaction: Me H O + Ph NH 3 Cl + O O HN Ph EtOH Me H O H NH 2 R Me H O H RNH 2 R = CH 2 Ph N R H H Me H HO NH 2 R Me H H 2 O NHR proton transfer –H 2 O Me H N R H Imine/iminium formation EtOH Me H N R + EtOH 2 Me Me O H NH 2 R Me O H R = CH 2 Ph H RNH 2 N R H H Me HO Keto-enol equilibration Me H N R H + Me HO Me O Me NHR H H proton
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Unformatted text preview: transfer Me O NH 2 R H Me EtOH + EtOH 2 Me O NHR H Me Mannich addition 2. (10 points) Write the product of this reaction: MeO OMe O O + MeO O OMe O NaOMe MeOH OMe O MeO O O O see problem 23-22 this gets full credit (notice: no workup was specified) OMe O MeO O O O this gets almost full credit (it's what you would get after acidic workup)...
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