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Chemistry 140C (Finn) Spring 2008 – Midterm Exam 1 This exam accounts for 20% of the final grade. Time: 2:00 – 2:50 pm Mark your final answer clearly and completely erase irrelevant information. Remember: Exams written in pencil will not be re-graded! Additional pages are appended at the end for your convenience. A word of advice: if you are stuck, move on to another question and then come back to the first one if you have time. Good luck! Your Name (please print): KEY Your ID #: __________________________________ Question #1: ___________ / 20 Question #2: ___________ / 25 Question #3: ___________ / 25 Question #4: ___________ / 20 Question #5: ___________ / 30 V1
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Name: ________________________ 04/23/08 Page 2 of 7 1. For the molecule shown below, indicate its potential reactivity by drawing: Arrows from nucleophilic centers. Note: the nucleophilic carbon of any reasonable enolate should also be identified as a potential nucleophilic center. Arrows toward electrophilic centers Circles around acidic hydrogens Important tautomers (not resonance forms) below the main structure. (An example of a tautomer is the enol form of a ketone.) As an example, the potential reactivity of water is shown here:
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2008_midterm_1a_KEY - Chemistry 140C (Finn) Spring 2008...

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