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electron Pushing handout 2 - Chemistry 140A (Prof. C. L....

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 140A (Prof. C. L. Perrin) ELECTRON PUSHING (Part 2) Acid-Base Reactions H3N H OH AlCl3 H3N+ H OH AlCl 3 (CH3)3N (CH3)3N+ HO CH3 HO CH3 Cl nucleophile electrophile H. C. H H H C H Cl Hyperconjugation in a Radical H H C H C H H 2 more Transition States for Radical Reactions CH3 Cl!. Cl H Cl = = CH3. Cl Cl Cl. H CH3 CH3 CH CH2 H Cl CH3 Cl H. 5 more Cl Cl. H CH3. CH3!. CH3 CH CH3 H Cl. CH3 CH. CH3 H Cl Electron Pushing to Generate Transition States for Radical Reactions Cl. H CH3 Cl!. H CH3!. Cl H CH3. CH3. Cl Cl CH3!. Cl Cl!. CH3 Cl Cl. Transition States for Nucleophilic Substitution Nu R X or R Nu!- R X -X X!R+ Nu Nu R X ...
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