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Definitions ( ! ), Guarantees ( " ), and Maybes ( " ? ) in Stereochemistry not superimposable on mirror image ! chiral superimposable on mirror image ! achiral chiral " enantiomers enantiomers " chiral stereocenters ! atom with 4 different groups stereocenters " ? chiral (because achiral if stereocenters "cancel") exactly one stereocenter " chiral no stereocenter " achiral (strictly " ? , but exceptions are beyond 140A) plane of symmetry (mirror plane) " achiral inversion center (point of symmetry) " achiral optically active ! rotates plane of light polarization optically inactive
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Unformatted text preview: ! does not rotate plane of light polarization optically active " chiral achiral " optically inactive racemic ! 50:50 mixture of enantiomers optically inactive " ? achiral (may be achiral or racemic) chiral " ? optically active (may be racemic) chiral & optically inactive " racemic N stereocenters " ? 2 N stereoisomers (< 2 N if stereocenters "cancel") stereocenters but achiral ! meso achiral reactants " achiral or racemic products racemic reactants " racemic (or achiral) products optically inactive reactants " optically inactive products...
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