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Unformatted text preview: BICD 100 Page 1 of 3 S. Brody, ext. 42619 Spring 2008 4125 Muir Biology 1 30 points total HOMEWORK SET #2 (covering lectures 3,4,5) Due April 11, 2008 ***PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME AND SECTION NUMBER ON TOP OF YOUR HOMEWORK SET*** 1. (6 pts.) At the Pike's Place Market in Seattle, one of the stands sells Marionberry jam (it's quite good). Upon inquiry as to what is a Marionberry. they hand out this pedigree (see below). See if you can figure out how this variety of berry might have arisen. Let's make the following assumptions: i) the berries are all diploid; ii) they all have different phenotypes with one exception, the NW native blackberry and the Trailing blackberry are the same; iii) the homozygous dominant and heterozygous genotypes, are phenotypically identical for each gene, i.e. AA = Aa; iv) the mutations are recessive and mutations at one gene do not influence phenotypes due to mutations at other genes; v) this is a simplified chart in that not all of the types of progeny are shown on this pedigree. Using upper case and lower case letters, starting with A and a, indicate the following: a) What is the minimum number of genes needed to account for this pedigree? b) Turn in a pedigree with the genotypes written next to all of the types. There may be many possibilities. Marionberry Youngberry Santiam Loganberry Chehalem Olallieberry NW Native Blackberry Trailing Blackberry Wild Himalaya ***********************************************************************************...
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Homework 2 - BICD 100 Page 1 of 3 S. Brody, ext. 42619...

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