CH 101 notes 10-8

CH 101 notes 10-8 - States of matter Fixed shape Fixed...

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Unformatted text preview: States of matter: Fixed shape Fixed position Variable shape Some molecular movement Variable shape & volume Fast molecular movement The state of matter has a dramatic effect on the outcome The stuff of chapter 8. Section 7.4 Section 7.5 Force between like molecules Result in: viscosity and surface tension Cohesive Force Adhesive Forces Force between unlike molecules Result in: meniscus Section 7.5 Viscosity – resistance of liquids to flow Low viscosity – vinegar – tiny molecules (H 2 O and HC 2 H 3 O 2 ) It’s a tangling issue, just like hair High viscosity – corn syrup – large molecules Section 7.5 Surface tension – energy required to increase the surface area of a liquid It’s a glue issue. High surface tension – the liquid molecules are attracted to each other example: water beads Low surface tension – where the liquid molecules don’t have much glue example: acetone runs everywhere Section 7.5 concave convex strong adhesive forces between H 2 O and glass (Si-O-H) weak adhesive forces between Hg and glass (Si-O-H) Lo E r r 1 r 2 Interaction Energy at 25 C Section 7.6 r 3 + Na- Cl Solid – r, PE is small H O H δ + δ + δ- Liquid – r, PE is medium N N Gas– r, PE is large PE = potential energy Solid Liquid Changes of State Gas Lo E Hi E Section 7.6 Potential Energy E out f r e e z e E in m e l t E out c o n d e n s e E in e v...
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CH 101 notes 10-8 - States of matter Fixed shape Fixed...

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