CH 101 notes 8-22

CH 101 notes 8-22 - CH101-003 & -004 Chemistry A Molecular...

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Chemistry – A Molecular Science Dr. Lori Petrovich [email protected] - FOX248 CH102: General Chemistry Laboratory Dr. Lori Petrovich FOX 248 Co-requisite: separate course with separate grade If you need a lab section, register for an open section using PackTracks. CH102 Lab Starts on Tuesday, September 4, 2007 Intro Petrovich Webpage: Full of useful stuff like lecture notes, SI times, syllabus, etc. CH101 Syllabus: You’re college students: It’s your responsibility to read it over and know class policy. Two Un-breakable Policies: 1) No late exams. Ever. Period. 2) Final exam occurs in registered section. Intro Homework: •Collected and graded by WebAssign. •First assignment due midnight Monday, 8/27/07. •5 submissions per HW. First two at full credit. Additional submissions cost 10% of points. • •You will need to purchase an access code online using a credit card or by cash/check at WebAssign on Centennail campus. •Grace period – can be used free of charge until 9 am on 9/3/07. Intro Textbooks: • Interactive, online version stored on WebAssign server. Required. Cost part of WebAssign fee. Includes solutions manual. • Required hardcopy in bookstore. Intro CH101 • required for many science majors • large class size • large student/faculty ratio: ~630/1 • assistance is available with effort Student Instruction (SI)
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This note was uploaded on 06/08/2008 for the course CH 101 taught by Professor Bigham during the Fall '08 term at N.C. State.

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CH 101 notes 8-22 - CH101-003 & -004 Chemistry A Molecular...

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