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Assignment : Unit 6571 Principles of Nutrition Duration : 3 – 5 hours Total Marks /36 Name: Student ID#: Date: 1) Complete a nutrition plan for your training using your values you obtained in tasks 2- 4 (example template shown below). Divide up the total amount of your portions for carbohydrate and protein into the given eating times provided. Place amounts where you feel appropriate and important (6 marks) From the tasks you should have worked out the number of serves of protein and carbs to eat each day. For example, if you need 5-6g/kg carbs (from table in notes) and you way 60kg you will need 5 x 60 – 6 x 60 = 300-360g per day which gives you (in 20g portions) 300/20 – 360/20 = 15 – 18 portions per day. So in your nutrition plan you need to include 15-18 portions of carbs spread over the day. If you train in the mid afternoon you might arrange this as: Breakfast – 4 portions; mid morning – 2 portions; lunch – 4 portions; before training – 1 portion; post training – 2 portions; dinner – 3 portions
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unit_6571_Assignment_-_notes - Assignment Unit 6571...

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