psych lect2 april9

psych lect2 april9 - F Who Makes the Best Partner(Again...

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Sheet1 Page 1 11:09 AM 4/9/2008 Lecture 2 LOVE and HATE I. Love: The Findings. A. Physical Attaction -number one item Men are looking for *MEN: like women with large eyes. Universal -High cheek bones -Long distance between eyes and eye brow -small nose and chin -Full Lips -Big Smile *MEN: want women with medium sized breasts -Medium size waist, hips, legs **Women -Broad chin -Slightly sunken eyes -Slightly heavy set eyebrows -Big Smile *** Women don't date these men *** Date men with slight feminin features/touch Broad Shoulders, thin waist, hips, legs, Small tight buns. .. B. Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder? nope! C. Do opposite Attract? Personality Matters. People are similar are happier D. who is Pickier? Women are pickier E. Does Romance Exist? 1. The Romantic Ideal 2. Romance at the Marriage Bureau. 5% women going to marry someone who took their breath away 8% " " 3. Romance at Cal Poly
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Unformatted text preview: F. Who Makes the Best Partner? (Again, Personality MAtters.) 1. Androgyny(Best), Femininity(Best) & Masculinity(Worst). 2. Loneliness and Social Skills 18-25 Loneliness 25-65 65-80 Men are more lonely and cant read body language very well II. Hate A. Racism, Sexism & Prejudice -Racism and Sexism: only need discrim. behavior thought-Prejudice: 2 things, negative emotion & discriminatory behavior or thought B. Nonconscious Ideologies: As American as Apple Pie B C. Examples of the Dangers of Nonconscious Sexism & Racism 1. Generic Nouns & Pronous Sheet1 Page 2 2. "Widget" Study more widgets produce when instructions were written by male 3. "Late Bloomers" 4. cal Poly Faculty 85% men full-time 95% white 5. Median Pay: 74(white) 67(black) 55(hispanic) cents D. Equal Status, coopertive, Group Contract D...
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psych lect2 april9 - F Who Makes the Best Partner(Again...

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