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Sheet1 Page 1 11:08 AM 4/7/2008 Lecture 1 History And Mthods I. Brief History A. Research Tradition 1. The Beginning 1879 a.First Pysch-Lab- Wilhelm Wundt M.D b. Scientific Study of the Conciousness and introspection "When your brain looks at itself" 2. The Middle a. 1913 Behaviorist Manifesto-Watson "Can't be subjective. .have to be able to test observe and measure" b. "The Science of Behavior" "Threw away core to gain respect" 3. The Present: "the discipline convered with behavior and mental process. .." B. Tradition of Limited Perspectives 1. Do Limited Perspevtives Matter? Act the way we do: - Behavioral What we Learned - Psycho***** Unconcious mind - Humanistic - Cognitive "the way u think"
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Unformatted text preview: - Biological 2. Limited Perspectives and Psychology a. Emotion b. competition vs Cooperation c. Hierarchies and Sequences II. Research: A typical experiment A. 6 Methods-Only Expt = Cause and Effect B. Basic Idea: Identical Conditions Except . .. c. terms 1. Hypothesis - "what causes what to occur" 2. Independant(Suposedly has effect) and Dependant(Supposedly effected) Variables 3. Experimental(Contains Independant) and control Conditions 4. Random Assignment NOT RANDOM SAMPLING D. The experiment: Gender and Ethinc differences CANT RANDOMLY ASSIGN WHEN COMES TO RACE OR SEX 1. random Assignment 2. Cause and effect...
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