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20 PSYCH Lecture

20 PSYCH Lecture - -Changing your goals-Changing the...

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Environment or Genetics Longitudinal Study (Terman) In utero (Scarr) Adoption Studies -111 adoptees, 10 years later -no difference in IQ or school performance with adopted family members -higher performance than white classmates Confluence Theory -the intellectual environment a child is born into influences IQ -not applicable if children born 4 yrs apart or more -only children should have higher IQ because there aren’t any dumber ones coming into the environment IQ predicts school performance IQ indirectly affects possibilities IQ varies with age IQ varies with experience/environment Create positive environment Problem Solving A problem occurs when the current state of affairs is not the desired (goal) state. A problem is solved when the current state is the goal state by…
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Unformatted text preview: -Changing your goals-Changing the current state Types of Problems Examples: Well defined: Clearly specified goals. The relevant info is given. You know when the problem is solved. Representation is critical.-Crossword puzzle-Chess-Arithmetic Ill-defined: Not always clear what problem is. What relevant info is. When problem is solved.-Write a story-Draw a picture-Choose car to buy Everyday Ill-defined problems a.) What shall I do with the rest of my life? b.) How can I be happy c.) How shall I balance ethical and financial values Frontal Lobe-Damage: Ppl cant keep track of subgoals, cant test generated responses, thought becomes disordered (delusions and dangerous behavior results)...
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20 PSYCH Lecture - -Changing your goals-Changing the...

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