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Gupta "Love, Arranged Marriage and the Indian Social Structure" - Importance of marriage and family, how arranged marriage works. The main purpose of marriage is to form a family and establish and further the economic and social position of the family. Love is not main basis of marriage for them, could lead you away from your family. Family is most important. Predestined to marry a certain person, regardless of feelings. Wife has specific social roles in family, cook, care for children, etc. Socioeconomic standing is important for men. - Culture structures our conception of family. Stratification defined as caste system of living, one is born into one’s social role. Pardo, "Grassroots Activism: Mothers of East Los Angeles” - Lower income community, about their voices being heard. Networking, to expand
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Unformatted text preview: community support among low income families. Environmental issues have become a top priority and voters have made this a top priority.-Grassroots organizing, to stop the building of a prison. Most of the organizing happened in churches, similar to the civil rights movements. Wapner, "Greenpeace and Political Globalism"-Non-profit, non-governmental company, Greenpeace tries to make people more aware of the environment. Try to persuade a large number of people to take interest in the preservation of the environment. Started in 1972 as a single office company and has since grown into a company with locations worldwide.-If we can change culture we can change behaviors. Friedan, "Aging as a Time of New Opportunities...
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