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11 Lecture - -pretty much ended power of ottomans -why not...

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Age of Exploration and Expansion: from early 15 th to early 17 century -why Europe -why not China, or West Africans, or the Ottomans? -Why Portugal and Spain were the 1 st ? -Why England, France followed later -how on earth did the tiny little Netherlands build a global empire? -why not Germanic states? -Africa and Americas were expanding -trans-Saurian trades (Af) -cultivation (Af) -different crops from different climates (Am) -Ottoman -conquered Christian empire (Constine noble) -black sea regain and Valkans -China -replaced bad leaders -made safer trade routes -taxes, or contributions from places then conquered -old map 1418 had the Americas on it -so what happened? Why none of these powers rose to dominance? -why not West Africa? -desert -hard for them to travel north over water cause of currents -only looked to north Africa for goods and imports -why not Ottoman Empire? -too far from Atlantic, did have Mediterranean -expanded east and south -battle of Lepanto -5 hrs against Christians, lost 30 ships and bout 100000
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Unformatted text preview: -pretty much ended power of ottomans -why not China?-had large ships, good technology, had maps, large empire-1433 Ming Emperor stopped sea voyages -had larges number of voyages-too costly-Indian Ocean -hard to enter and exit, lots of storms -Zheng Hes voyages were exceedingly costly they drained imperial treasury and hurt infrastructure-bureaucratic scholar-elite, which eclipsed eunuchs. Muslims merchants in Ming court opposed oversea adventures-indifferent to expansion commerce-demanded that resources should be spent on internal improvements-mistrusted foreign allies -restored Confucian values give prority to good government at home-China was big and populous: economic expansion did not depend on foreign trade-revival of Mongol power in early 1400s-Ming rulers focused on consolidating Chinas landward empire and extending the Great Wall-Frontier stability became more important to than frontier expansion...
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11 Lecture - -pretty much ended power of ottomans -why not...

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