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Statistics 112 Statistical Reasoning for Social Sciences Spring 2008 Professor Esfandiari Instructor Name: Mahtash Esfandiari Instructor email: [email protected] Office hours: MW 2-3 or by appointment Days MWF: 12:00 – 1:00 Room for lecture Franz 1260 Overall goal : The overall goal of this class is to introduce you to the discipline of statistics as a science of understanding and analyzing data and not a branch of mathematics. It is hoped that after finishing this class you will be able to use the statistics to solve real world problems and have a better understanding of research conducted in the social sciences. How we will achieve the above goal: We plan to achieve the above goal by introducing you to the relevant statistical knowledge, teaching you how to use a statistical software called STATA to perform data analysis, and having you engage in problem solving, application, analysis, and synthesis of statistical information through on-line quizzes, labs, review exams, and in-class exams. Major topics discussed: Different methods of sampling Principles of experimental design and causal inference Observational studies and non-causal inference Descriptive statistics including an in-depth discussion of tabular presentations and graphs Probability distributions for discrete and quantitative variables The normal distribution Central Limit Theorem and sampling distributions Statistical inference with emphasis on confidence interval and sample size selection Hypothesis testing with emphasis on the concepts of type I and II error and power of the test One sample test of the mean and proportion for large and small samples
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