Chapter 36

Chapter 36 - Chapter 36 1. Assume that there are five...

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Chapter 36 1. Assume that there are five alligators per acre in a swamp in northern Florida. This is a measure of the alligator population's a. range. b. dispersion. c. intrinsic rate of increase. d. density.
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2. You drive through Iowa in the spring and notice that every fence post for 3 km has a male redwing blackbird on it defending its nesting territory. This is an example of a. artificial selection. b. clumped distribution. c. uniform distribution. d. random distribution. 3. The density of Douglas firs in an old-growth forest is estimated by counting the Douglas firs in four sample plots of one hectare each. The number of fir trees in the plots is 10, 12, 7, and 11, respectively. What is the estimated density of firs in the forest? a. 10 trees per hectare b. 2.5 trees per hectare c. 20 trees per hectare d. 5 trees per hectare 4. The maximum number of individuals a habitat can support is called the a. carrying capacity. b. community size. c. population growth. d. reproductive potential. 5. A population of fungi in a yard produces 10 mushrooms in year 1, 20 in year 2, and 40 in year 3. If this trend continues, by year 5 there will be __________ mushrooms. a. 40 b. 160 c. 80 d. 20 6. Which of the following is most clearly a case of density-dependent population regulation? a. the first hard frost of fall for a population of annual morning-glory vines b. the occurrence of rainstorms for an opportunistic desert annual c. a dangerous new flu strain that is transmitted among humans by sneezing d. the summer drying of savanna grass for an insect that feeds on grass sap 7. Which one of the following organisms best illustrates K-selection? a.
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Chapter 36 - Chapter 36 1. Assume that there are five...

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