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psyc 420 final study guide - 1 Final Study Guide AMST 301...

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1 Final Study Guide AMST 301: America, The Frontier, and the New West Text’s The first three Opinion Pieces in the Reader Wallace Stegner’s Two Essays Stegner “Thoughts in a dry land” The E. is in the W. but the west is not in the east ½ dozen subregions The w. landscape is climate as atmosphere, flora, and fauna Aridity gives the W. landscape its character Gives air special dry clarity, puts brilliance in lights and polishes and enlarges the stars, almost eliminates the color of chlorophyll, erodes the earth shapes the animals, nocturnal life of desert Unity of the west is the shortage of water Numerous reports of the west from explorers, exploration took 1803 ->1872 and even then they didn’t have all details Agricultural adaptation was fast but rain/none could be failure The west enforced cooperation He admires John Wesley Powell who wrote the Report on the lands of the Arid Region of the U.S. with a more detailed account of lands of Utah, because he understood irrigation and how to use the land Perceptions had to be changed p 123- 4 things Colors are different p 123 and must learn to appreciate them The west is less a place than a process- turner We may love a place and still be dangerous to it- Cadillac dream, Chinatown Living Dry The west is a place of mirage He is a guide and wishes he knew more about the place he is from West has conditioned him Western line is where < 20 inches of rain fall a year which is necessary for irrigated crops It took a lot of industrial invention to conquer the west The land laws p 129 produced more failure and fraud then family farms Parts of states are “federal land” not state land and water Agrees with turner that people shaped by land West is a border of strangeness measured by fact that all new animals were misnamed 2 lessons westerners learned: mobility and sparseness Plains are unfit for settlement, merely Norse Escape from repression has always gone w. Principal invention of w. American culture is the motel and principal exhibit of that culture is the automotive roadside The principal western industry is tourism True w. differs from east by space-> William Least Heat Moon Joan Didion’s slouching Towards Bethlehem Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion It is a proven fact that the Santa Ana winds affect peoples moods Didion sees the West as closeness to nature, independence, masculinity John Wayne is some of characteristics of CA Her book says we follow dreams whether we want to or not Some Dreams of the Golden Dream San Bernardino county is hr east of LA and an “alien place”, it is harsher, haunted by Mojave and devastated by the Santa Ana wind
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2 Is a place where Genesis has slipped imperceptibly into a belief in the literal interpretation of double indemnity It is the last stop for all of those who come from somewhere else, all those trying to find a new life
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psyc 420 final study guide - 1 Final Study Guide AMST 301...

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