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Exam 3 Review Important People To Note

Exam 3 Review Important People To Note - Exam 3 Review...

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Exam 3 Review Important People To Note ~Augusto Boal= (1931- still living), theater director and theorist, born and raised in Brazil, his theater techniques and their attention to power inspired by Brazil’s 20 th century history- especially in the 1960s and 1970s. He was forced into exile in 1971, and returned to Brazil in 1986. He was imprisoned and tortured for his theatrical work, started the famous theater of the oppressed in 1971. Wrote Games for Actors and Non-actors which spells out his ideas more clearly. ~MAJOR INFLUENCES ON BOAL= A. Bertolt Brecht= No catharsis!, critical spectators. He was different from Brect though because he didn’t spectators should have to leave the theater to act. B. Paulo Freire= (education philosopher) critique of “the banking system,” believed that through genuine dialogue oppressed people develop critical thinking skills and strategies for transformation. Quoted as saying, “Success resides with the subject.”
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