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Exam 3 Vocabulary to Know 1. Invisible Theater= Prepared scene or action about an important social issue. It is played in public as if a “real” event. Seeks to provoke reactions and debate among spectators. 2. Image Theater= Based on using the body to express themes, emotions, and attitudes. 3. Qwwali= Eastern form of music. 4. Fana= Singer dies while singing and reaches ecstasy with the creator. 5. Hakawati= storyteller (Arabic) tells stories in coffee shops about Arab heroes. 6. Antra Eban Shadad= along storyteller story in Arabic example it is 3200 pages long which is 8 volumes at 400 pages each. 7. Almalek Alda her Bebers= 180 books, each book is 100 pages in slang and all the stories are titles of heroes. 8. Dehleez= A synapsis of what happened last time 9. Development (as defined by the world bank)= “Development is essentially a socioeconomic process of change aimed at raising the standard of living, quality of life, and human dignity.”
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Unformatted text preview: It is a problematic definition cause it assume that developing countries are worse off than developed countries. 10. Creole= Mix of African, European, and Indian 11. Rastafari- a mix of Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism 12. Mas= (Trinidad and Tobago) Trinidadian word for Masquerade which is part of the Carnival tradition trio. 13. Calypso= Music indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago. 14. Chutney= folk music from India, Hindu wedding songs sung in Hindi at Makitor or Maaticore 15. Soco (from soul of calypso so ca)= party music from Trinidad, fusion of East Indian rhythm and African musical structure of calypso. 16. Pretty Mas or Fancy Mas- Resembles carnivals by plantocracy or European planters and the emerging middle class 17. Traditional Mas or Ole Mas= Is historic or political, satirical, involving skits, word play and puns, individually generated, solo performance. 18. Xenophobia= The fear of strangers...
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