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History of Branding Beginning with the creation of modern advertising, branding has always been at the forefront of each medium, becoming so integral to marketing that it is considered of the best form of distinguishing products from each other. Branding is a trade mark of a goods particular make. These markings are placed in many different items from the food individuals eat to the necessities they use. Branding originally used to stamp livestock to show ownership. In Ancient Rome, branding was advanced by laws that developed for branding. Today, with the creation of corporation, branding has become more popular then before. Brand comes for the Old Norse word, brandr, which meant to burn. Stamping was the original form of branding. It was used to stamp livestock to show ownership and the means of distinguishing between different farmer’s cattle. Brands that were never seen or known for their bad reputation were either sold for very little amount of money or not sold at all. This concept is
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