Midterm Review Answers 2

Midterm Review Answers 2 - Explain what the European...

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Explain what the European historiography of world history is in terms of Eurocentrism or the European miracle, and the Orient Express? Where did civilization start from, where did it go and where did it ultimately end? Contrast this with another historiography we have read (hint: Broken Spears). - Eurocentrism/miracle myth is the idea that Europeans had some unique or internal qualities that made it superior; that it had some distinct advantage and edge over others - Orient Express is the model that civilization began in Mesopotamia/MENA, and progressively developed as it expanded westward (went to the Greeks/Romans, then to Western Europe) as time moved on - Both of these essentially support the miracle myth of European superiority, and ignores things like diffusion that Blaut claims contributed to their technological innovations - In Broken Spears historiography, the view is that the Spanish won not because of their innate qualities but based on a number of external factors that worked in their favor (disease, alliances, religion, etc) - Importance is to look at how these historiographies differ; what kind of history is being produced, and who is producing it? In the film Islam-Empire of Faith, the House of Wisdom was very much a center of criss cross diffusion. What was this place, and where was it located? What were some of the achievements and ideas that came from the House of Wisdom and Islamic culture, and how does this challenge Western historiography? -
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Midterm Review Answers 2 - Explain what the European...

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