tsm 363 Exam 3

tsm 363 Exam 3 - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering...

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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Dept. Iowa State University 11/16/06 SKW TSM 363 - Exam 3 1 - 8 !h x 11 formula sheet (both sides) Multiple Choice: 2 points each (40%) 1) To use a thermostat to control a heater, connect to common and close-on-rise common and close-on-fall c close-on-fall and close-on-rise %) d) (a) or (b) depending on what temp you are working at d) none of the above 3) An electric motor is controlled by a start-stop station through a magnetic motor starter. When the stop button is pushed, the motor stops, but re-starts when the button is released. Probable cause: a) an overload switch stuck open. b coil short-circuited. d auxiliary contacts stuck closed. d) auxiliary contacts stuck open. e) none of the above 4) Which value is closest to the level of illumination in this room now? a) 0.03fc b) 0.3fc c) 3 fc a 30 fc e) 300 fc 5) An oscilloscope is: a) A device that converts a specific physical quantity such as sound, pressure, strain, or light intensity into an electrical signal. b) A digital electrical component that converts an electrical signal into discrete binary values. @ An instrument used to make voltage changes visible over time. d) A common waveform shape that has a fast rising edge, a width, and a fast falling edge. Page 1 of 5
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6) The active element in a humidistat is a a microswitch d a strip of nylon c) a metal diaphragm d) a fluid - filled bellows 7) How many phase sequences are possible on a 3-phase power system?
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tsm 363 Exam 3 - Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering...

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