Terms - 2/Poiters(Tours-thought that France would be Muslim...

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Unformatted text preview: 5-10-06732/Poiters(Tours)-thought that France would be Muslim if Muslims won the war-Big loss for the Muslims 100 years after the Prophets death-Spain was MuslimMuslim empire grew faster than Rome and fell apart faster than Rome-Empire broke off in big chunks-Empire was based on Religion-Recently Revealed Religion-The middle east was conquered and taken away from the Byzantine empire and the Persian Empire-Byzantine empire survivedoThey had Christianity in their empireoSome would rather have Arabs governing them rather than the Byzantine empire rule over them. That’s why Byzantine survived-Muslims did this big conquest all the way to China-The Koran did not tell believers to go out and tell the Muslims to conquer peopleIs America an Empire? Or just a sphere of influence-Effected the constitution-Power of the president-War Powers Act – this allowed the president to declare war but had 90 days to get to congress to tell them about the declaration-Line item veto – President can veto parts of bills but found unconstitutional-Power of the presidential congress is growing against the courts and congressjihadmeans struggle/ war-prophets fought wars-wars were just, if it was appropriate-Koran doesn’t tell them to wage holy wars-Muslim was not a mass religion that was trying to be spread-Islam was only for the conquerors, only for the Arabs at first-It took a while to allow others to be Muslims-Jews and Christians were allowed to practice their own religionsidolaterworshiper of idols-not allowed to worship their own idols in the Muslim empire-these people were killeddessicationA theory-Arabia had little rain-Power vacuum theory -Persian empire was the weakest empire-Could be argued that if Muhammad was alive, he would have lead the wars/raids-Three years before he died, he authorized a raid in the north in the Byzantine outpostoThis was unsuccessful-A year later, Muhammad led a revenge raidoMuhammad again lost because of the heat and lack of waterRiddaTurning away from / secession-Muhammad had many treaties during his lifetime-All the treaties were with Muhammad, so when he died, the treaties were voided-Abu Bakr tried to get the Arabian tribes back together by force-A year after the prophets death were brought back into Arabia in the end after many deaths-Abu Bakr wanted to raid the northern powers-Conquests were lead by Abu Bakr (one of the main reasons for the growth of Islam)oJust a raid, not an actual waroBut the raids were easy to defeat the Byzantines and PersiansoThis was luck and good timing to defeat everyone -Arab Pride FactoroArabs were showing that they were better than the othersFatimadaughter of Muhammad by Kadijah -married Fatima to his cousin AliAliCousin of Muhammad-same grandfather as Muhammad-married Fatima-doubly related-second earliest convert to Islam after Kadijah-too young to be a leader (Idea of the Sunnis)-Later was elected when he got olderEmigrantsThe ones who emigrated to Medina-risked a lot to do this...
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Terms - 2/Poiters(Tours-thought that France would be Muslim...

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