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HOMEWORK #1 MTH 201, FALL 2007 DUE: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, IN-CLASS AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS The following problems are numbered the same in both the 6th and 7th edition of Ross’s textbook. Chapter 1, Problems: 13, 22; Chapter 1, Theoretical Exercises: 2, 8, 9, 10. In addition, do the following four problems: A1. A research team consists of 9 men and 6 women. A project outline is to be devel- oped by a group of 3 men and 2 women from the team. How many such groups
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Unformatted text preview: are possible? A2. How many dierent words meaningful or not can be spelled using the letters of COLORADO? (Each letter is used exactly once. So, for example, all words are of length 8.) A3. What is the coecient of a 6 b 3 in the expansion of (7 a + 3 b + 2) 9 ? A4. What is the sum of all the coecients in the expansion of ( a + b + c + d + e ) 23 ?...
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