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ACC221 Exam 3 Study Guide. Exam 3 is closed book and closed notes and will consist of 30 multiple choice questions (worth 3 points each) and 2 problems (worth 5 points each). Please bring a calculator. No cell phone calculators are allowed. You should be familiar with the following topics Unit-level, batch-level, product-level, customer-level and organization-sustaining activities First stage allocations in activity costing Product margins in activity costing Types of costs assigned to products in activity based costing Behavior of unit costs in activity based costing. Benefits/limitations of activity-based costing. Advantages/disadvantages of self-imposed budgets
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Unformatted text preview: Cash budgets Production budgets Schedule of cash receipts Purchasing budgets Determination of ending inventory budget Items included in standard costs Variance analysis materials price variance, materials quantity variance, labor rate variance, labor efficiency variance, variable overhead spending variance, variable overhead efficiency variance Throughput time Delivery cycle time Manufacturing cycle efficiency Static budgets Flexible budgets Application of overhead in a standard cost system Factors in selecting activity bases for an overhead flexible budget Schedule of cash disbursements...
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