arlt100mtsp02 - ARLT 100g: MID-TERM EXAMINATION (2/21/02)...

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ARLT 100g: MID-TERM EXAMINATION (2/21/02) NAME:_______________________________________________________ I. ESSAY 1. Choose ONE of the following questions. Use a logical, mature approach: do not limit yourself to sweeping generalizations and trite statements. Try instead to show that you have done some serious thinking about the readings and about the issues raised during the first part of the semester. [30 pts.] 1. In the article “North Italian Courts, 1460-1540,” William Prizer discusses the patronage of the arts, and in particular of music, at selected courts of the Renaissance. What information do we learn from that article? What is the picture that emerges from this reading regarding the role of music in courtly society of the time? please discuss. 2. One of the themes we have discussed in class is the question of “popular” vs. “high” art, music, and literature. Referring to the extensive excerpt in your reader that deals with questions of transmission of popular culture, and its traditional
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This test prep was uploaded on 10/23/2007 for the course ARLT 100g taught by Professor 02:00-03:20pm during the Fall '07 term at USC.

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arlt100mtsp02 - ARLT 100g: MID-TERM EXAMINATION (2/21/02)...

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