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Jimmy Carter Paper

Jimmy Carter Paper - Ok so first off I'd like to say yes I...

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Ok so first off I’d like to say yes, I am a quote on quote “dirty republican” as my friends used to refer to me. I don’t know if you saw that coming, but there really is not denying it. However, I have recently discovered that I am a republican, so I am still new to all of the ideals. Some of them I do not agree with but most of them I do, so I guess I’m not a hard core completely to the right republican, I would say I am midway between conservative and moderate but more towards conservative. I’m sort of rambling but I just wanted to say that first. President Carter makes some excellent points and discussions but the thing that we greatly differ in regards to is religion. I am Catholic and I do understand what he is saying, however, I am not very religious. So, at first I was somewhat bored with the book. My strongest republican ideal is that I am strongly against abortion. I do not support it in any
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