BLAW 280 Syllabus Summer 2008

BLAW 280 Syllabus Summer 2008 - BLAW 280 Business Law I...

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BLAW 280 Business Law I Summer 2008 Monday-Thursday 8 AM K. Greenhalgh OFFICE HOURS : By appointment. Office: Business Building 3254 Phone: (818) 677-3578 E-mail: [email protected] TEXTBOOK : Beatty and Samuelson, Business Law and the Legal Environment , 4th. edition. METHOD OF INSTRUCTION: This class will be taught by a combination of the lecture and class discussion methods. All students are expected to be prepared with each assignment. Students will be called upon to participate in class discussion. The instructor will evaluate each student's class participation. While no numerical weight will be assigned to class participation for grading purposes, class participation will be considered in determining the course grade when a student's performance on the exams and written homework assignments places that student on the borderline between two grades. TESTS AND GRADING : There will be one exam during the middle of the semester and another test at the end of the semester. Each test will count for 33% of the course grade. The other 33% of the course grade will be based upon written homework assignments as explained below. The tests may include essay questions; tests may also include multiple choice and true-false questions. The course will be graded on a + and - basis. This means that in addition to such letter grades as "A" and "C", grades such as "A-" and "C+" will also be used. I will be happy to discuss a test or your grade with you, but the grade assigned is not subject to negotiation. The grade will be changed only if I have made a clear mistake in evaluating the exam or calculating the grade.
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This note was uploaded on 06/09/2008 for the course BUS LAW 280 taught by Professor Kimgreenhalgh during the Summer '08 term at CSU Northridge.

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BLAW 280 Syllabus Summer 2008 - BLAW 280 Business Law I...

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