sociology assignment 2

sociology assignment 2 - others around him suit and tie...

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Boy Birth Announcements: Blue, puppies, baseballs, airplanes, wagons, pastels, train, calf, prince Girl Birth Announcements: Pink, flowers, hearts, animals, purples reds, pastels, carriages, horses, lamb, princess Young Girl Birthday Cards: Princesses, pink, cute animals, flowers. Young Boy Birthday Cards: Pokemon, monsters, athletes(male), blue, Winnie the pooh, thomas the tank engine, Woman Birthday Cards: Age, looking in mirrors, Man Birthday Cards: Golfing, humorous, Father’s Day Cards: Thank you for all the years we’ve shared together (son and father on boat fishing), golf, father in chair
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Unformatted text preview: others around him, suit and tie, hands (you’re my hero), grill, super dad with superman figure, beach scenes, a special man, (dads like you are hard to find) boy with telescope, blue tints, Mother’s Day Cards: Pink, roses, hearts, (Its mother’s day and do you know how much your loved) Baby bird, Chocolates, Frazzled mother doing a lot of housework (its your day to relax, thanks for all that you do), (to the one whos work is never done) mother hen on eggs, spa scenes How are they portrayed on the cards, what is portrayed on the cards, what are the messages in the cards?...
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