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Mario Torres Comm 265 Persuasive speech Outline The never-ending DWI problem Introduction: A. In our dry desert water is scarce. That is why as college students need to do our part to save water and drink beer. Saving water must be done responsibly. B. You might be interested in what I have to say if you value your time, money, and the lives of your loved ones. C. I am a credible source because of my research and personal experiences. D. My intentions are to make you aware of the consequences of DWI. Many different hassles and inconveniences come with DWI. The actual dollar cost of paying for fines, classes, motor vehicle expenses and jail time. DWI can take a lot of your time and be very stressful. Many people die each year form drunk driving. Transition: The first consequence of getting caught DWI is temporary . incarceration.
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II. Body: Main point A: Going to jail is a serious matter that one does not realize until it happens to them. 1.
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COMM_265_Persuasive_speech - Mario Torres Comm 265...

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