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misfitEssay - handles people better by talking to them with...

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In society, people were always thought not to judge a book by its cover. In the short story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor proves just that. In this story there is a grandmother and a criminal labeled as “The Misfit”. The grandmother of this story is a bit, talkative, directive, silly, and full of herself. She also tends to be manipulative. She would think of herself as good person, rather kind, and selfish though she wouldn't see herself this way, but in her heart she loves her family. As for “The Misfit” who is an escaped criminal from prison which appears to be educated. He is accused of killing his own father and is portrayed with gray-haired and smart. Being polite is how he treats people but can kill with no remorse. Between the grandmothers old fashioned ideals and manners compared to the “The Misfits” politeness and cunningness it is to be determined who treats people with the utmost respect and dignity. “The Misfit”
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Unformatted text preview: handles people better by talking to them with politeness, manners, and It all starts with the family plan’s to take a trip to Florida, but the grandmother tries to convince the family not to go because there is a criminal that has escaped from prison. The next day the family went on the trip to Florida and the grandmother went with them because she could not stay home by herself. On this trip to Florida the family got into an accident and came across a group of men. The family was under the impression that the men were going to help them. Ironically the leader of the group of men the family encountered was the alleged criminal whom escaped from prison and goes by the name “The Misfit”. The Misfit is what the grandmother was so worried about when she warned the family before embarking on the trip....
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