Violence in Videogames

Violence in Videogames - Pino 1 Roberta Pino Ms. Bennett...

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Pino 1 Roberta Pino Ms. Bennett English 101 06 November, 2005 Violence in Video Games Violence is every where in today’s world, but everyone knows that already. The thing is how violence is being portrayed. This does not necessarily mean that an act of violence is taking place every time you turn your head. There are other ways of viewing violence. Violence is mostly portrayed in the media via TV and the internet. With TV and the internet, you would watch violence. Now you can even take part in the violence without being responsible for your actions. With videogames and advancing technology, you can shoot, stab, beat, or even kill a realistic-looking fictional character. Though it might be completely fictional violence, it still can have some effect the person playing the games. Violent video games can cause harmful effects in children. The graphic situations in these games can do some damage to people, especially children. Children’s young minds are not really exposed to these situations in the games, and playing these games for hours could eventually alter a child’s sense of judgment. Some examples of violent games are “Doom 3”, The Grand Theft Auto games, and
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Violence in Videogames - Pino 1 Roberta Pino Ms. Bennett...

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