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Banyan Tree Hotels

Banyan Tree Hotels - Case Pre-Analysis BanyanTree Hotels...

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Case Pre-Analysis Kim-Anh Nguyen BanyanTree Hotels & Resorts: Gauging Investors’ Views on Corporate Social Responsibilty Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts holds pro-environmental values at the core of its operations, which can or tend to be more costly to implement than alternative, environmentally- dismissive business practices. Most businesses these days do not even take into account the pro- environmental modus operandi that Banyan has undertaken, because their dependence on investors and desire for profits trumps the social and physical environmental health. With the occupancy rate of its hotels dropping (and therefore its profit) due to economic & political factors, the co-founder KP is considering IPO—taking the company public—to boost capital for expansion projects and further programs. But, of course, he is worried shareholders will be more inclined toward profits than toward maintaining Banyan culture of stewardship, that their values will not be aligned with Banyan’s. Investors in Japan, by nature, tend to be less concerned with socially responsible investing (SRI) and more interested in market share.
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  • Spring '08
  • Peregoy
  • Corporate social responsibility, Socially responsible investing, Banyan, Nguyen BanyanTree Hotels, Kim-Anh Nguyen BanyanTree

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