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Corruption(B) - Corruption(B Case Pre-Analysis The key...

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Corruption (B) Case Pre-Analysis The key issue addressed by this case is the need to figure out how we as a global community are to deal with the problems and concerns that arise as a consequence of our ever-growing global economy. There was one article in particular that touched on the subject of dealing with the global economy of the 21 st century: “Business Diplomacy Management: A Core Competency for Global Companies”. In our group discussions, we concluded that this article deals with different tensions that arise when diverse cultures and countries are thrown into a situation where they must all find a way to co-exist and operate within the same infrastructure. This case study exemplifies how we as a global economy must address issues on which every country and culture has differing opinions. The case study pointed out the disparities that existed between the mentalities of the different cultures on the subject of bribery. While some cultures saw it as simply one more hurdle that companies needed to jump in order operate, others saw it
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