PhilosophyExamII - concepts and premises for each topic e.g for#1 you will need to explain the meaning of being qua being and for#2 you will need

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Philosophy of Being Fall, 2007 Study Guide For The Second Exam General Information : The second exam will consist of two of the following four questions. You will be required to answer both questions in 75 minutes. You will not be permitted to use any notes during the exam, but you should make plans for your answers in advance. You may bring your texts of Plato: Complete Dialogues and Aristotle: Selected Works so that you may cite specific passages from the assigned readings. (Remember that you should only use quotations to either support or illustrate a point that you are making, never to make a point for you.) For each question, in addition to explaining the views of each of the thinkers, you must also, where possible, explain the motivations and reasons that each had for developing his view. Also be sure to explain all of the relevant
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Unformatted text preview: concepts and premises for each topic; e.g., for #1 you will need to explain the meaning of being qua being, and for #2 you will need to explain the notion of an axiom. When writing your answers, bear in mind that you will not only be graded on the information that you present, but also on how well that information is presented. Good luck. 1. Explain the five characteristics of the sage and her knowledge (explain what they are and how they are related to each other). Why is first philosophy ontology, axiology, ousiology, and theology? 2. What is ontology? What is axiology? Why is ontology axiology? Explain and evaluate one of Aristotle’s arguments for the principle of non-contradiction. 3. Are universals substances? Discuss all relevant material....
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