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POBNotes11-13 - 3 pure actuality 4 necessary change = the...

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Substances 1. Changing/sensible a. Eternal i. First heaven – existence of the Prime Mover, whose role is to explain change in the world b. Destructible i. organism Motion is eternal and always will be 2. Unchanging a. Universal (Plato-forms) change: the actualization of a potentiality The Prime Mover is… 1. first principle of exp. of change (motion) 2. unchanging (unmoved)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. pure actuality 4. necessary change = the actualization of potentiality 5. eternal and separate 6. unique—one of a kind, in formula and in number a. For other substances, there is one in formula, but many in number—numerically many because they have matter. Their matter, in a way, diversifies them. 7. p. 417...
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