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Matt Rowe Worksheet #5 1. Ishmael is an expert in “Captivity,” he states that we are all captives to a civilational system that forces us to exploit and destroy the earth. The narrator has some idea of this but does not know to what extent and what he can do about it. 2. A story is an interrelation between god, man and earth with a beginning, middle and end. To enact is to try to make a certain story come true. A culture is the people that are in the story. 3. The point of the jellyfish story is to show that all the species on this earth
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Unformatted text preview: would believe that they are the dominant species. 4. Takers believe the story of creation ends with man. They need to accept the fact that they do not own the world and they should just go with the flow. 5. 6. You can compete to the best of your abilities against other species but you must not deny or destroy their access to food. 7. We create excess food, we deny others food, we kill other species, and we hurt the environment....
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