W.8 PAPER PREP corrected

W.8 PAPER PREP corrected - Herbst Program of Humanities,...

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Herbst Program of Humanities, Fall 2006 HUEN 1100. LG Wksht. #4: Blueprint for paper. WORKSHEET #4 , due on Wednesday, November 1, will get you started on the paper… PAPER ASSIGNMENT. 4-6 PAGE PAPER , DUE ON F RIDAY , N OVEMBER 17 TH . D EVELOP AND DEFEND AN ORIGINAL THESIS ABOUT AN ORIGINAL TEXT THAT WE HAVE READ (i.e., in our Numbered Readings file). You should not simply summarize the text, nor should you simply rely on STWH for the standard interpretation of its author’s importance in the history of science. Your goal is to understand an original text on its own terms as an expression of human inquiry within a particular historical context. Your analysis should address what makes this text fascinating, important, revealing, surprising, inspirational, puzzling, disconcerting, or uplifting. 1 This is your chance to get beyond the generalizations in McClellan and Dorn’s text —and in my lectures! W ORKSHEET #4: B LUEPRINT FOR ORIGINAL SOURCE PAPER , WITH STEPS TO HELP YOU FIND A TOPIC , ARTICULATE A THESIS , AND PLAN A PAPER . ON NOVEMBER 1, HAND IN STEPS 5-9 1. Review the list of original texts. Which interest you most? Which seem most promising? 2. Consider possible topics. A topic merely states an area of inquiry without claiming a particular interpretation; for example: Copernicus and natural motion; Newton’s views on induction; Harvey’s proof of the circulation of the blood . 3.
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W.8 PAPER PREP corrected - Herbst Program of Humanities,...

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