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Biology 80J – Biology of AIDS Quiz #1 KEY (15 pts) 1. What is the Central Dogma of Biology? (3 pts) DNA _ RNA _ Protein 2. __DNA___ is the carrier of genetic information in mammals and is usually found in the stable form of a double helix. (1 pt) 3. __RNA___ is translated into proteins, but it can also serve as the carrier of genetic information for viruses. (1 pt) 4. What does AIDS stand for? (1 pt) Acquired immune deficiency syndrome 5. List 2 of the 4 fundamental characteristics of the Immune System. (2 pts) Adaptivity Specificity Memory Self-recognition 6. How does HIV violate the Central Dogma of Biology? (4 pts)
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Unformatted text preview: RNA _ DNA _ (RNA _ Protein) (RNA to DNA is the important part for them to get) 7. Which is not one of the first lines of defense against bacteria or viruses? (1 pt) a. Skin b. Antibodies c. Mucous membranes d. Anti-microbial proteins 8. HIV has a long incubation period in part because it hides in the _Lymph___ system. (1 pt) (Hint: the “other” circulatory system) 9. True or False: Casual contact does NOT lead to HIV transmission from one individual to another. (1 pt)...
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