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Name:___________________________ Section:___________________ Biology 80J – Biology of AIDS Quiz #2 (20 pts) 1. Matching: (8 pts) __F___ B cells A. Function to carry oxygen through the body __D___ T cells B. Acquired by the transfer of antibodies from one __A___ Red Blood Cells individual to another __E___ White Blood Cells C. Located on all nucleated cells in the body and __H___ Active Immunity displays antigens on the outside of infected cells __B___ Passive Immunity D. Type of lymphocyte that recognizes antigens __C___ MHC I E. A broad class of cells that includes phagocytes __G___ MHC II and lymphocytes F. Type of lymphocyte that produces antibodies G. Displays antigens on the outside of macrophages H. Acquired as a response to an infectious disease 2. Draw the primary and secondary immune responses and label your drawing. (6 pts)
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