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Topic 17 - Topic 17 Grassroots Mobilization I Definition II...

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-1Topic 17: Grassroots Mobilization I. Definition II. Steps A. divide districts B. Voter ID C. Rpovide info, especially to uncommitted swing voters D. Make sure ppl turnout III. Research A. local party organization 1. Machines (old) 2. Local party still important B. Experiments on Campaign info Distribution 1. Robo-calls used as negative tactic by opponent -what is the most effective way -speaking on the phone in a slow and casual style (best done by volunteers) *Last week of a campaign is the most important time to contact voters* *One well targeted/ well done contact is as effective as multiple ones C. Survey research -about 44% of voters in 2004 indicated that they had some contact with the campaign Party or politician about an election 1. ppl who are contacted are significantly more likely to become politically active -more likely to turnout to vote, work in campaigns, display paraphernalia, etc. IV. More than just parties A. intermediary orgs./ interest groups 1. Labor unions 2. Christian Coalition Topic 18: Effect of Pol. Consultants
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