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-1Topic 16: direct Democracy and Candidate Elections -primary objective is to show importance of ballot initiatives of campaigns at large -2004 election: gay marriage amendments on state constitutions (effect of benefiting Bush) -in Ohio, ppl thought that there was a statewide anti-gay measure on the ballot and this Mobilized republican voters for Bush -increase in the number of statewide initiatives I. Agenda Setting -becomes an issue in the campaign and candidates forced to address them -ballot initiatives help to set the agenda -local and state level candidates are forced to take a position -forces ppl to think about candidates in those terms (framing and priming) -Prop 182- in California (English language proposition -make English official language) -prop 187- denying social services to illegals -184- drug enforcement- 3 strikes and you’re in jail II. Money spent on ballot campaigns is not limited -strategic, b/c money that’s going to these is not going to the candidate--red herring ballot
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Unformatted text preview: -costs the other party a lot of money to counter 1. VOTERS SPEND MONEY IN SUPPORT OF THEIR SIDE w/o limits 2. Strategic manipulation of ballot initiatives may force the other party to waste Resources *texas puts more ballot initiatives in off year elections (you just have to persuade a few ppl to get these passed) III. Effects on voters themselves A. salient initiatives increase turnout-ppl become concerned, worried, exited about a particular initiative----more media coverage---some instances where more ppl. Voted for the initiative than candidate strategic incentive to increase turnout for your party B. ppl who live in states that allow initiatives tend to be more knowledgeable, more engaged in civic affairs, and more trusting in government --political consultants have become much more aware of these initiatives and how to strategically manipulate them to the advantage of their candidate...
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