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-1Topic 14 I. Effects B. Factors that condition effects of political adv. 2. Eff. Of pol. Adv. Greatest when voter is of low involv. 3. Effect is greatest on undecideds & late deciders 4. Emotional content can affect voters’ feelings about candidate. 5. Issue ads more effective than image ads especially when related to “issue ownership” -economist has more credibility than someone who doesn’t -if you’re going to talk about issues and make ads ur best strategy is to choose issues that u have ownership of. 6. Production characteristics of ads can affect voter responses to candidates. 7. Channels of communication matter -some candidates are better on tv, radio, or internet 8. Gender differences -women have greater issue ownership of famly issues -men; taxes, gun ownership/rights
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Unformatted text preview: C. General effects of negative adv. 1.increase voter knowledge of issues, decrease favorability of opponent -ppl tend to have a higher recall after viewing negative than positive ads. 2. Backlash effect -ppl dont like the idea. Ultimately may not be that large of a benefit 3.most effective ads are those from third parties-candidates absolved of their responsibility 4. More effective if attacking issues rather than image 5. Rebuttals can reduce the effect of negative ads 6. Inoculation can help -candidates try to tap into the sub conscience of the voter. 7. Effectiveness of negative ads may depend on content programming 8. Overall evidence on turnout or other democratic stuff is mixed -negative ads may cause cynicism and lower turnout...
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